Guided Selling

Intelligent Cross-Sell™

Automate and optimize
cross-selling and upselling

Recommending the right cross-sells and upsells is critical to increasing order sizes and enhancing the customer experience, but even the largest online businesses lack the resources to be anywhere near complete, current, and compelling with their recommendations.

CNET Content Solutions and its partner RichRelevance address this challenge with Intelligent Cross-Sell, a service that allows merchants to automate and optimize the targeting of cross-sells and upsells. Intelligent Cross-Sell is pre-integrated with CNET Content Solutions' DataSource database of more than 5 million technology and consumer-electronics products, enabling automatic compatibility-checking of recommendations and targeting by key selling features. Intelligent Cross-Sell can also target based on a site's behavioral data (for example, recommending based on people who bought this also bought that) and a site's proprietary attributes such as average user-review score or product profitability.

Intelligent Cross-Sell comes with a set of merchandising rules, specialized for best practices in technology and consumer-electronics categories. Merchants can customize the rules with a point-and-click interface, then preview their changes' effects immediately. In addition, Intelligent Cross-Sell can automatically generate text that explains recommendations--for example, a notebook-computer upsell might add "Faster processor, larger hard drive, and Bluetooth for only $50 more."

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A service that allows retailers to target, automate, and optimize how they cross-sell and upsell—for example, suggesting the best carrying case and travel mouse to sell alongside a notebook computer, or suggesting a better notebook computer than the one under consideration.

Higher average order size and less manual-labor cost.

Intelligent Cross-Sell (ICS) works like a good salesperson thinks: Is this accessory compatible? Is it produced by a featured manufacturer? Is it popular? Is it profitable? ICS allows you to target by these and many other factors.

Whichever ones you have. If you sell consumer-electronics and/or computer products, you have the option of using CNET Content Solutions's product data to enhance your targeting of cross-sells and upsells in these categories, but it is not required.

It is available to customers in the United States and Canada. We will be announcing roll-outs to other regions in the future.

E-commerce sites and call centers.

All of Intelligent Cross-Sell's software is hosted. Business users do targeting and reporting via a Web browser. Product recommendations a re delivered either in batch or in real time for inclusion in your Web site or call-center application.

For each primary product you sell, ICS delivers one or more lists of product recommendations—for example, a list of cross-sells and a list of upsells. The list can also include optional content such as natural-language pitches. You can further segment recommendations by site area, so that (for example) you can have different cross-sells for the same product in the shopping cart versus the product page. The exact format of the content delivered depends on how you choose to integrate with Intelligent Cross-Sell.

Automated Cross-sell and Upsell Management
Eliminate spreadsheets and low-level grunt work as new products automatically find their best recommendations.

Multiple Intelligences
Leverage the collective intelligence of your users' behavior, the business knowledge of merchant rules, and the ability to explain recommendations to your customers.

Compatibility Checking
Leverage the compatibility data and other attributes of our DataSource database of more than 5 million technology and consumer electronics products.

Measurability and Reporting
Measure recommendations' revenue impact. With Dashboard, right-click from a reporting result directly to the targeting that drove that result, so you can understand what is working and change what is not.

  • Increase average order size
  • Make cross-selling and upselling measurable
  • Eliminate inefficient manual processes
  • Provide a better user experience
  • Secure, compatible, and easy to use